The Family History

This historical narrative gives a background on the Mannion-Manion and Coffay family history. It includes maps and photos to help you picture what life was like for our ancestors in Ireland and America from the 1850s to the 1890s.

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Chapter 1: Ireland, 1830s - 1850s, County Roscommon
Catherine Hanley marries William Mannion in Strokestown, Co Roscommon.
Catherine Hanley marries John Coffay from Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon.
Chapter 2: Texas, Baltimore County, Maryland 1850 - 1860
John & Catherine Coffay & children emigrate and settle in Maryland.
Chapter 3: Mount Royal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland -1861 and after
The family moves and settles on Mt. Royal Hill near the Jones' Falls quarries.
Chapter 4: Grasshopper Hill
Photos & maps of our ancestors' homes & neighborhood

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